ZFR - Franzi Felt BWZFRB00001GE13WE56

thickness approx. 5-7 mm

wool felt with glaze fibre

material: approx. 90% sheepwool, approx 10% glaze fibre

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ZFR - Franzi Felt BWZFRB00001GE13WE56

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Colour range

Choose from 9 different colours.

GE13WE56 GE13WE56
GE21WE56 GE21WE56
GU02WE56 GU02WE56
GU11WE56 GU11WE56
RS14WE56 RS14WE56
TU11WE56 TU11WE56
VI05WE56 VI05WE56
VI24WE56 VI24WE56
GR18WE56 GR18WE56