ZK7 - Klausi felts BWZK7B00001BR28BR49

thickness approx. 5-7 mm

material sheepwool

Delivery time (in weekdays)

ZK7 - Klausi felts BWZK7B00001BR28BR49

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Colour range

Choose from 20 different colours.

BR28BR49 BR28BR49
GE21GR18 GE21GR18
GR07VI09 GR07VI09
GU11GR18 GU11GR18
GU42GR07 GU42GR07
GU55GU02 GU55GU02
RO03GU53 RO03GU53
WE04GR18 WE04GR18
GE13GR18 GE13GR18
RS14GU18 RS14GU18
RS07RO05 RS07RO05
RS20RS28 RS20RS28
WE04RO04 WE04RO04
GU02WE04 GU02WE04
GU13RO04 GU13RO04
GR02GR07 GR02GR07
GU02GR18 GU02GR18
TU11GR18 TU11GR18
VI14GR18 VI14GR18
VI15GR18 VI15GR18