ZSF - Smartfaden BWZSFB00010GE06


Wool wick yarn: ø approx. 2 mm; surface: sheepwool; jute inside the core

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ZSF - Smartfaden BWZSFB00010GE06

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Colour range

Choose from 16 different colours.

GE06 GE06
OR04 OR04
RO27 RO27
RO04 RO04
RS14 RS14
VI14 VI14
TU11 TU11
VI12 VI12
GU11 GU11
GU56 GU56
GU02 GU02
GU54 GU54
GR18 GR18
GU55 GU55
BR52 BR52
WE24 WE24