Rxx - Crushed felt BWR05B00005BL26

Product description: thickness approx. 5 – 6 mm | material: 75 % sheepwool | 25 % PLA bico, thermal treated

Application: Due to the termal treatment the Crushed felt gets a unique structure. From pot and vase covers, bags and cutlery bags, to suspended room installations, punched out stars, flowers or hearts.

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Rxx - Crushed felt BWR05B00005BL26

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Colour range

Choose from 12 different colours.

BL26 BL26
GE25 GE25
GR38 GR38
GU67 GU67
GU68 GU68
GU69 GU69
GU70 GU70
RO26 RO26
TU18 TU18
VI26 VI26
WE62 WE62
RS31 RS31