OB- - Organic Band BWOB-B00005BL24

Product description: thickness approx. 6 – 8 mm | material: 100 % sheepwool fulled, slightly corrugated

Application: As a binding and bundling medium, gift wrapping, bows, hangings with knots and florals, f ixation of door-/wall  wreaths, refinement of potted plants as well as in advent wreath making, peg-hangings and branch stars.

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OB- - Organic Band BWOB-B00005BL24

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Colour range

Choose from 38 different colours.

BL24 BL24
BR14CO05 BR14CO05
BR49 BR49
BR56GR15 BR56GR15
GR02GR15 GR02GR15
GR07 GR07
GU42GR15 GU42GR15
TU17 TU17
VI05 VI05
VI09 VI09
VI24 VI24
WE04 WE04
GE13 GE13
GE09 GE09
GE04 GE04
OR07 OR07
OR04 OR04
CO05 CO05
RO03 RO03
RO04 RO04
RS14 RS14
RS28 RS28
VI14 VI14
VI17 VI17
RO05 RO05
BL06 BL06
GU11 GU11
GU02 GU02
GU33 GU33
GU13 GU13
GU53 GU53
GR18 GR18
GR02 GR02
GR10 GR10
BR28 BR28
BR05 BR05
RS07RO05 RS07RO05
VI14GR18 VI14GR18